Why Choose Butler County?


Our location provides easy access to the Pittsburgh International Airport, Butler County Airport, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstates 79 and 80 and State Routes 8, 19 and 422. Butler county is within 500 miles of half the US Population, which ensures your optimal event attendance and participation. With excellent accommodations, dining options and plenty of free parking at our venues, what are you waiting for?

Mileage Chart

Baltimore, MD 270 mi, 434523m
Buffalo, NY 190 mi, 305775m
Chicago, IL 442 mi, 711330m
Cincinnati, OH 320 mi, 514990m
Cleveland, OH 130 mi, 209215m
Columbus, OH 210 mi, 337962m
Detroit, MI 285 mi, 458663m
Indianapolis, IN 373 mi, 600285m
New York, NY 380 mi, 611551m
Philadelphia, PA 325 mi, 523037m
Pittsburgh, PA 25 mi, 40233.6m
Richmond, VA 360 mi, 579364m
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 290 mi, 466710m
Washington D.C. 265 mi, 426476m