Valencia SportsPark

  • Valencia SportsPark - Park Layout

16,000 sq ft. No Offseason Sports training building.


  • 20 Mat Tee Stations
  • 6 Grass Tee Stations
  • 6 Tee Stations under Cover
  • 320 Yards of Distance
  • Target Greens and Fairway
  • Club Repair & Regripping

The golf range currently has yardage markers located at 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 yds. We also have three target greens with flags approximately 10 yds. apart to practice those approach shots from 40 to 80 yds. depending on tee line location.

This season we will have four to six covered and heated tee stations planned to protect you from adverse weather conditions like rain, wind and temperature. Our golf range lights are pending township approval also.

To work on all parts of your game, our short game area will have grass tees, and areas to practice chipping, sand shots and uneven lies. Finally, two artificial putting greens one set for slower public golf course speeds and the other set for faster private/tournament speeds to help solve those “3 putt blues”.

We’re growing one step at a time. In the near future, we plan to add additional target greens and sand traps on the range, and a short Game Practice area. We will also add lights and heaters to the covered tee stations, and range lighting for night-time practice.

Baseball Fields:
Two of our four planned baseball fields are now open!
While they are not exactly as we envisioned when developing the master plan, they are very nice fields.
Both fields are artificial turf infields, wood outfield fences and covered dugouts. One field is designed for 60ft bases and fences approximately 200′ from Home Plate. The other field is designed for 90′ bases and 300′ fences.

Little League Field

  • 50-70′ Bases
  • 12′ Fence
  • L-255′ C-230′ R-225′
  • Artificial Turf Infield

Full Sized Field

  • 80 or 90′ Bases
  • 12-16′ Fence
  • L-301′ C-360′ R-285′
  • Softball



Mini Fenway Baseball Field
Our third baseball field will be a replica model of Fenway Park in Boston. The field is designed for Coach Pitch ages and will feature an artificial playing surface and a 14′ “Green Monster” wall in Left Field. This field will be lighted for night games. At Ten o’Clock when the last game is over for the youngsters, the field will be available for adult wiffleball games.

Miniature Golf
The Valencia Falls Miniature golf course will wrap around the outdoor batting cages and Mini Fenway Park, contributing to the festive atmosphere. The course will feature 19 adventure style holes and three waterfalls.

The remaining phases of Valencia are still in the conceptual stages. Attractions in these phases will include a family go-kart track, a fourth Baseball field, and a clubhouse building featuring an arcade, proshops and a sports bar and restaurant.